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A3dp Configurator is live

I can now proudly say that A3dp has a complete solution for upgrading to servos on a 3d printer. This tuning software allows you to tweak the current and position loop or set it to auto-tune. You can also view real-time feedback from the encoder and controller. Also you are able to access anti vibration loops with phase shifting so if you have large equipment that has resonance or an imbalanced shaft it can be corrected in software.

These motors are able to expose the limits in most control boards which is now pushing others to create a custom version of Klipper that increases possible step rate by many orders of magnitude. This will allow us to slowly start adding more features and higher levels of performance on top of what we can already achieve . As an example we can currently run the motors at 8192 steps per rotation “the motors technically can run whatever you want but their would be little reason to go above 16384 since that is the hardware resolution of the encoder” if we want extreme quality or 4096 if we want to go over a meter per second. At 8192 we are accurate to .00488 of a mm with a 20t pulley and .0039 with a 16t or at 4096 both pulley sizes get us under .01 compared to a .9 stepper getting us .1mm with a 20t “if we pretend that their is 0 lag and we have 0 resistance in the system ”

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You may need to install net Framework 3.5 which you can press windows key then type add or remove windows features and make sure net framework 3.5 is selected .