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Troodon Door Hinge Upgrade

UPDATE: had an issue with the parts falling over when printed upright, I added some “forced” supports in the 3D CAD model to prevent this and it works. Just be sure to use the .3MF file attached below and print with a large brim and speed of 80mm/s. They turned out very nice now.

Have you ever wished that your Troodon door would stay open rather than slamming you in the elbow when your reaching in to do something to the machine? OR wanted to have a quick way to remove the door with our messing with the door alignment and/or not need any tools to take the door off?

Today is your lucky day!

I have composed 2 different version of this hinge, but let me explain how it works first.

  1. I designed this to work so the upgrade gives you a “drilling guide” for the 8x new holes you will drill in the acrylic panels. Don’t worry it’s easy, all you need is: 4pc printed hinges, a 5mm (or 13/64) drill bit, and a drill
  2. Meant to utilize existing hardware (or if you opt for the shoulder bolt version, all you need is the 2x M4x5MM OD x 25mm Long bolts)
  3. <20min install
  4. Can be used upright (bolt inserts from top) or upside down (bolt threads in from bottom) the latter requires drilling out the top piece but will allow you to have a “tool free” removal of your door.
  5. TPU tether prevents you from losing it when you take the door off.


  1. Remove stock hinges/bolts
  2. Set aside the 8-pairs of M5 Shoulder bolts & T-Nuts for later
  3. Lay acrylic door & strip on a table with something under them you don’t mind a drill bit biting into (helps prevent acrylic from “breaking out” when you finish drilling through)
  4. Place hinges in the now empty stock holes & SLOWLY drill, like as slow as you can make your drill go
  5. Once holes are drilled, reassemble as before but put the TPU insert in like you see in the animation below, the holes are such that the bolts should only fit in one end of the TPU tether.
  6. Drink a beer, you are done! 🙂
M4x5x25mm Shoulder Bolt Version
M5x35 Troodon Tensioner Bolt Version Shown
Print-In-Place Supports Added, now shown in GREEN, simply snap them off after printing

Slicer Suggestions:

  1. Print upright for maximum strength, Laying down will be okay but only if using PETG/PCTG/Nylon
  2. Material: ABS, PETG/PCTG, Nylon recommended
  3. Layers: 0.1-0.2mm
  4. Support the plug with Support Enforcers
  5. Support the Upper Hinge with Support Enforcers
Suggested Slicer Layout