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  • All metal (tested to >320°C) Validating 400c
  • Dual vertical heater cartridges (standard Ø6.0 x 50mm, any wattage that your machine can support), clamped in for good thermal transfer
  • Standard Ø3.0 x 15mm temp-sensor (thermistor or PT100/1000) clamped between the heaters & the nozzle for accurate sensing “not included”
  • Standard E3D Volcano nozzle, which are readily available in various materials & work well
  • Very rigid structure via 3 titanium hollow pillar mounts, because crashes happen and threaded heat-breaks can bend, tear out, or break
  • The heat is retained to the melt zone by the titanium feed tube & copper heat sink, significantly limiting heat-soak to the filament in the feed mechanism
  • Very well cooled via modular fan options

Only available with heaters since it requires 50mm heaters.

Upgraded plate

Takoto Beefy top plate “4 bolt pattern with deeper threads and still supports bmg m pattern”

Nozzles available

More information can be found on the Takoto website.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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