3DXTECH FibreX ABS+GF 3D Printing Filament 750g


FibreX™ ABS+GF is glass fiber reinforced ABS. It is tough as nails, very stiff, and strong allowing users to create structural parts without the lifting or warping that can happen with unfilled ABS.

Spool Size: 750g

Diameter: 1.75mm

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FibreX™ ABS+GF (10% Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS) 3D Printing Filament “I was allowed to place a restock order for white but then was notified later on that it was discontinued however if there is some interest I will be getting a custom run done with white and possibly more colors” Anyone that may have ordered i will refund and also send a free roll of filament as a courtesy cause i know i was upset when it happened to me and I wish i was compensated”

FibreX™ ABS+GF10 glass fiber reinforced ABS is formulated to be stiff and strong with excellent dimensional stability. These features allow you to create structural parts without the lifting and warping that can often happen with unfilled ABS.

Benefits of ABS+GF Include:

  • Ideal for structural engineering-grade applications
  • Exceptionally stiff and strong without being brittle
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Very low shrinkage, warping, or lifting, something regular un-reinforced ABS is infamous for!
  • High thermal properties allowing it to stay in use up to 98°C depending on mechanical loads applied

Filament Specifications:

1.75mm +/- 0.05mm in diameter

Glass Fiber Reinforced Filament

Glass Fiber Zoom In
What Is It?

Fibers made of glass reinforced into the polymer during manufacturing and aligned along the axis of filament.

This, along with their physical makeup, give this material enormous strength and mechanical properties.


Recommended Print Settings:

  • Extruder: 230-245°C
  • Bed Temp: 95-110°C
  • Nozzle: We strongly recommend a hardened steel nozzle with a minimum diameter of 0.4mm
  • Other: Ideal layer height is 60% of nozzle diameter. We do not recommend printing layers smaller than 0.2mm with carbon fiber reinforced filaments.
  • Bed Prep: Magigoo Bed Prep Adhesive gives us the best results
  • Heated Chamber: Recommended, a chamber helps reduce warping.
  • Supports: Water soluble AquaTek X1 USM works great for complex parts.
  • Drying Instructions: 80°C for 4 hours.

Abrasive Material

This material is particularly abrasive among 3D printing filaments. Users may find standard brass nozzles are chewed through very quickly compared to standard wear and tear. When worn through, the nozzle diameter will widen inconsistently and the printer will experience extrusion issues.
Use hardened steel nozzles with this filament to maximize toolhead life and quality of your prints!

Because of this, it’s strongly recommended this material be printed through a hardened steel nozzle rather than a softer metal. Hardened steel nozzles can often be inexpensive and easily installed depending on your printer manufacturer’s instructions.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 × 3.2 in





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