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Modular klipper image

  • open putty interface and connect to printer
  • cd klipper_config
  • git clone
  • close putty
  • switch to mainsail web interface
  • open moonraker.conf in the settings tab
  • enter this below the update manager header

[update_manager client components]

type: git_repo


path: ~/klipper_config/components

  • Press save and restart
  • either copy your config from the patron folder to your printer config “if i converted it” or continue
  • copy your printer config into an empty notepad document
  • open the printer config example in the components folder
  • Start following the instructions in the file and can revert to video if needed but enter all your information
  • copy the section that says do not edit from the config in the notepad file to example config
  • copy full contents after it is done and close without saving
  • paste the contents over your original printer config
  • click 3 dots on top right and select restart firmware
  • If it does not connect refresh webpage and look for error most likely you need to have control :pid above the pid values “in the do not edit section ” or you need the bl touch z offset . Just reference the example config for anything you may need that may not be defined but it should be properly set and once this is done it will never need to be touched again as i can push updates to your printer at this point .
  • If want premade image dload here