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Tuning stepper drivers

Ill start this with saying that if anyone has info on this please come forward as their seems to be very few resources and they are all cryptic. Anyway i have found all the trinamic whitepapers to be very helpful and over the past year hae tested and experimented to the point where i feel i have a decent grasp on how this works.

this is a list of the calculators and guides.

This is a list of specs that i will keep adding to or if you have any motors you want added comment below and if you have any spec sheets feel free to please comment here or on gihub.

How to use

6 thoughts on “Tuning stepper drivers

  1. Hi, Can you make tmc5160 and omc 17HS19-2004S1 klipper settings

  2. Nice info and all, but what do I do after I fill up the calcutation sheet?
    Where do I get the right run_current setting for klipper?
    And these settings: driver_HEND driver_HSTRT they said its a start value but how should I tune them?
    And these settings: driver_TBL driver_TOFF should I just take the one i got with the dump_tmc command?
    And I got a Bondtech nema17 22mm motor and i could not find any info on coil inductivity, there is nothing on the data sheet about that so what should i do to calculate it?

    1. Toff and tbl start with defaults aka 4 for toff and then 2 for tbl and usually if I am at lower end of current output I’ll use lower tbl . But for the most part you use them as tools to help manipulate the hysteresis values as we don’t want them to get to high

  3. Hi, I have a hard time configuring 3 x 17HS19-1684S-PG27 on TMC2209 in Klipper.
    Could you please help ?

    1. Yes I can def help you if you can send me an email at

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