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The new update

So i wanted to show the new version of the gantry carriage. The rest of the gantry is the same except for slight tweak that applies to the 300 only . I ordered 20 more of the tha carriage piece encase anyone wants to convert to the new modular design. This adds another way to mount the mosquito and also the mosquito magnum plus now shoudl be possible “haven’t been able to test in real life yet ” Also adds takoto compatibility and makes it possible to quick-change the hotend and extruder. The best part of this is i plan on having future upgrades available that we can simply swap the plate with 2 bolts and then also have the chance to try and make a toolchange setup without having t5o redo anything else . Theodore has also asked me to make a 9mm belt version so i had already drawn it up and i will make a small amount  of 9mm belt setups for those that want to run large servos or something where we may see an advantage. I will test that soon though. Will be doing a giveaway as well

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