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Basic cura profiles

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4 thoughts on “Basic cura profiles

  1. I have several 3d printers but just bought a used Troodon direct drive 400 x 400. Having difficulty with the technical side of this printer. I am looking for a cura or prusa slicer profile for this printer.

    1. Have you joined the advanced group I have my gdrive linked their but I also have been working on setting a page up like the other tools for profiles

      1. honestly , I don’t belong in that group . i am just learning and do not want to burden anyone on there with what they would look at as stupid questions. it says very clearly on the page that they do not want that. i am having a hard time just trying to get a profile loaded into cura, it has one on the sd card , but when i load in the program it gives me a message saying something like , cant load this type of file or something like that. i am simply not good at this stuff .i have downloaded it from other sources also but just end up with the same issue. thank you for responding , it is so hard to get any help with this printer.

        1. Hey I get tons of spam messages so have it set to filter but feel free to email me I will make a support button or on my Patreon I have some stuff to help and my contact info for my cell since its much easier to get me direct vs social media. I try and help everyone but I prioritize clients and Patrons since they support me.

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