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As much as i want to help all i am going to start posting all my content on patreon

I love sharing and i have been releasing alot on facebook and the gdrive but it just gets buried so i am going to release everything on patreon for now on so new patrons can see everything and dont have to search through million posts or the gdrive . I will also be cross posting on my website which your patron logins will access and unlock . I will make some content public on here and the website but most will release here first for at least 30 days so that i can support you all better instead of getting swamped like i have been . Nothing against others i just have to put you “my supporters” first and with the gantry launch my time needs to go to getting you guys going with all this new stuff thats dropping over next week . Also jake allen will now have access to post content on the website and all my patrons will have access plus as the store starts generating revenue from sales i will try to support the contributors from my patron fund and from the store. I plan on carrying 3dxtech filaments and tungsten carbide nozzles maybe even …gasp the dragon lol but onyl parts that i personally test and can feel good recommending. I literally have gone through 10 dragons as shown in the video i just posted.I destroyed a few of them and it turned out it was the dyze nozzles fault so I emailed them and if they revise the nozzle i will recommend and possibly carry it but as of now i think spool3d and 3dmaker are the go to for wc also i am waiting for a midwest tungsten nozzle to test but the 3dmaker seems the way for us and spool3d for canada and either for rest of world. Lastly we will be adding a tip the designer system for contributors on the website as designs start getting posted. I will not allow anything to be sold i haven’t printed and tested and i will be really leaning towards a free market for all my patrons with the option to tip and to rest of public they can charge what they want lol. Also all my content will be free for you guys as long as no one tries just pledging a dollar and dloading stuff then canceling which if that happens a few times ill have to set some min lifetime pledge for full access but i have had nothing but good experience from all of you . 

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