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upload folder moved

EDIT. Hoe to find your folder 

  You guys own the folder but it doesn’t show in your shared with me since it’s yours so you need either search your name or owned by me on the search bar.  So what you do “Sean greenes idea” is you search your name on Google drive and then right click and set it to starred so now it will show on left next to all the shortcuts. You could always make a shortcut somewhere on the computer to but this is the easiest solution.

I moved the folders to a parent directory so no one else can see your folder anymore. When you join you send me message with your email you use for gdrive or gmail and i will add you to the gdrive and also make you an editor of the public uploads. Then you make a folder so you are the owner and it just uses my storage and gives me access then i will move it to the parent directory so it becomes private.

Also this is the folder for all orders

so you make a file with your order no personal info just your order and i can let you knwo progress in the text file and then when its done we delete it. This way your address and stuff go in the private folder but the orders are all right in one place for me so i dont miss any by accident. This will be until the webstore is working

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