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Klipper guide for flashing and install

Alex Or is helping by putting a lot of my pictures and information together into a presentation. It should be ready soon, he had me review his draft. We are making a few changes, but it looks great already. It is time to make a video of the flashing procedure, so Jake Allen installed a new board and let me record a remote session of me flashing it for him.

Here is a video showing the basic harness install.

Holger asked for a picture of the pi camera mounting location.

4 thoughts on “Klipper guide for flashing and install

  1. Hi Robert, could you post a picture where exactly the cam is mounted? I tried to mount it with the right front screw from the cover. This way I got on touch with gantry.

      1. Thanks Robert. I set up the cam wrong place, thats much better!

        1. where did you orig have it

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