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**UPDATE 7/20/23**
the bodies and gears are in production,
lead time is approx. 1-2months.
(for all pre-orders: remaining balance will be collected when the extruders are ready to ship.)

The FXD aka (Fixed Gear Extruder) features a robust construction from CNC machined aluminum, ensuring exceptional durability and stability. The aluminum not only enhances the extruder’s overall strength but also provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that will complement any 3D printer.

One of the standout features of the FXD is its monolithic steel gears. These gears are engineered to withstand rigorous usage, maintaining their integrity and performance even under high stress. Incorporating custom-made hardened steel gears ensures smooth and consistent filament feeding, reducing the risk of jamming or filament slippage during printing.

We went even further to enhance the FXD reliability by utilizing a fixed-gear drive mechanism. This unique design combined with a 100% constrained filament path, eliminates any possibility of slip or grinding of the filament, even 60a and lower shore hardness flexibles.

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With precise filament control. zero slippage and unreal flexible support you can rely on the FXD to consistently extrude filament at the exact rate every time.
Compatible with:
10t Nema14 round pancake stepper motor
LGX Nema17 pancake stepper motor
Custom gear ratio, (monolithic reduction, primary & secondary) with a surface hardness of 60-64 HRC, with a core hardness more significant than 55 HRC
*Extruder does not come with pictured motor(s)
*Images are pre-production prototype
*Patent Pending




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