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Modular klipper image

  • open putty interface and connect to printer
  • cd klipper_config
  • git clone
  • close putty
  • switch to mainsail web interface
  • open moonraker.conf in the settings tab
  • enter this below the update manager header

[update_manager client components]

type: git_repo


path: ~/klipper_config/components

  • Press save and restart
  • either copy your config from the patron folder to your printer config “if i converted it” or continue
  • copy your printer config into an empty notepad document
  • open the printer config example in the components folder
  • Start following the instructions in the file and can revert to video if needed but enter all your information
  • copy the section that says do not edit from the config in the notepad file to example config
  • copy full contents after it is done and close without saving
  • paste the contents over your original printer config
  • click 3 dots on top right and select restart firmware
  • If it does not connect refresh webpage and look for error most likely you need to have control :pid above the pid values “in the do not edit section ” or you need the bl touch z offset . Just reference the example config for anything you may need that may not be defined but it should be properly set and once this is done it will never need to be touched again as i can push updates to your printer at this point .
  • If want premade image dload here
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A3DP Ultimate Orbiter

I wanted to take a few minutes to upload what Rob and I are calling the “Ultimate” Orbiter. Just so everyone knows, this design I did completely from the ground up making dozens of minute modifications for easier FDM-ability thus it is completely our own intellectual property.

The special sauce that gives our design a huge advantage over the original Orbiter designed by Lorincz are as follows:

  • The clearances, have been dramatically improved
  • Perfect BMG alignment, including along the spider gear shaft, the latch detent clearances in X & Y directions
  • 100% contrainted filament path from entry to nozzle
  • Can be professionally SLS or MJF printed (We know, we’ve done it =))
  • Much easier to FDM print! (HINT HINT: We suggest 20-30 degrees of tilt, front bearing facing toward the bed plate)
  • Can be directly mounted to a stock Troodon or one with the A3DP Gantry upgrade parts

There are two versions of the housing:

1.) 14x14mm Bearings, this will match up for those that bought the “Formbot Troodon DDE Upgrade” kit from Jake/Tom/Peter on Cults3D.

2.) 14x16mm Bearings, this matches the “OEM” Formbot/Vivedino DDE kit that can be purchased or came installed on your Troodon.

Files for 14×16 Version will be coming soon…. Hang in there =)

14x14mm Orbiter Exploded View
14x14mm Bearing Version Shown

Rob & Jake both have hundreds of hours testing this new orbiter and we are ready for you to give it a shot for yourself

If you have any question, please drop us a line in the comments!

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Fix low fps in superslicer

Delete your existing directory and extract this into it its the newest version with hardware accel back on. I was going crazy i actually installed windows again cause thought was my computer. When i made a platter of like 4 orbiters or 30 cable chain links i could not even get 1 fps and then i couldnt even type while it was open and i running a 5950x with 64gb ram right now so i was really at a loss. But try the gcode viewer or slice preview then do this and try again . 

you will not lose your profiles as they are stored in the USERS/AppData/roaming then i think superslicer ALPHA folder but anyway you get the point

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Troodon Pi Cam Mount

A3DP is happy to introduce our latest PiCam Mount for the Troodon!

It still mounts in the front-right corner as with the one we recommended before.

For assembly, start by plugging in the pi cable into the Pi Cam, place the cam in the red piece (as pictured above) then snap the yellow piece on. Next you will need a M3x20mm bolt to assemble the gray bottom mount to the yellow back plate. Finally, you will need a M4x12mm bolt and a 3030 hammer/ or t-nut for mounting to the front-right extrusion on your Troodon.

Please see the attached screen shot for slicer print orientation. I would suggest 0.16-0.2mm layers, ABS material for easier breakaway supports. The rear face may require some light sanding.

Slicer Placement Suggestion, Support Slab recommended (green box)

CAD & STL Files

Inspired by the following projects:

Front housing:

Back cover:


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If you cannot see a usb connection

One is if your a patron feel free to have me remote in and fix for you but otherwise just follow the pdf guide on the website

but the important part is just to use the reset pins again and then teh reset button . sometimes you can get away onyl doing one or the other but it is safer to do both and make sure you do not have low level configuration checked so if their is a * in front of it then hit spacebar on it to uncheck it.

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Moonraker fix

One is their is new way of defining moonraker.conf it will be in new image and i putting it here cuase i make so many images that no one is aware since the gdrive doesn’t notify so i will make post everytime for you guys.

anyway please change in your moonraker.conf file. or just dload this one 


client_repo = meteyou/mainsail

client_path = ~/mainsail



[update_manager client mainsail]

type: web

repo: meteyou/mainsail

path: ~/mainsail



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Troodon V6-Style Nozzle Storage Solution

This solution came about because I have yet to find a nice clean, customizable solution for storing E3D v6 style nozzles. That is a thing of the past. I would like to introduce our Nozzle Storage Box.

The intention here is that the Nozzle Insert is customizable for your application. It prints with no support in 4 pieces. We are providing all of the STL files, F3D and a STEP file for those who prefer to customize their box further.

Suggested Print Settings:

  • 0.2mm Layers
  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • No Supports needed
  • Top & Bottom box piece print on largest face
  • Trudie mount prints on the face with the 2 slots

Additional Needed Parts

  • 2x M3x10+ mm bolts to secure lid to the base

File Downloads:

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As much as i want to help all i am going to start posting all my content on patreon

I love sharing and i have been releasing alot on facebook and the gdrive but it just gets buried so i am going to release everything on patreon for now on so new patrons can see everything and dont have to search through million posts or the gdrive . I will also be cross posting on my website which your patron logins will access and unlock . I will make some content public on here and the website but most will release here first for at least 30 days so that i can support you all better instead of getting swamped like i have been . Nothing against others i just have to put you “my supporters” first and with the gantry launch my time needs to go to getting you guys going with all this new stuff thats dropping over next week . Also jake allen will now have access to post content on the website and all my patrons will have access plus as the store starts generating revenue from sales i will try to support the contributors from my patron fund and from the store. I plan on carrying 3dxtech filaments and tungsten carbide nozzles maybe even …gasp the dragon lol but onyl parts that i personally test and can feel good recommending. I literally have gone through 10 dragons as shown in the video i just posted.I destroyed a few of them and it turned out it was the dyze nozzles fault so I emailed them and if they revise the nozzle i will recommend and possibly carry it but as of now i think spool3d and 3dmaker are the go to for wc also i am waiting for a midwest tungsten nozzle to test but the 3dmaker seems the way for us and spool3d for canada and either for rest of world. Lastly we will be adding a tip the designer system for contributors on the website as designs start getting posted. I will not allow anything to be sold i haven’t printed and tested and i will be really leaning towards a free market for all my patrons with the option to tip and to rest of public they can charge what they want lol. Also all my content will be free for you guys as long as no one tries just pledging a dollar and dloading stuff then canceling which if that happens a few times ill have to set some min lifetime pledge for full access but i have had nothing but good experience from all of you . 

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HELP, Klipper update broke my install!

This is a quick guide to show how to fix your install, if a new update caused a version mismatch.

There are pretty standard guides, but most leave out that with input shaping and other advanced features, we have to also compile the microcode for the host controller, a raspberry pi in most cases. I may be adding a guide to use a tablet as the Klipper host in future, so that we could use an old tablet to control the printer, and just use the Duet spi bus, so we could mount a nice big tablet or old laptop, etc, onto the printer and have it complete standalone. Below is a list of commands to use for anyone feeling a little overwhelmed, but it’s much cleaner to follow this video.


  • To enter a previously entered command, press on your keyboard. You can cycle between options with and
  • To copy text inside a PuTTY terminal, just select it.
  • To paste, right click


  1. Open PuTTY, and connect to the raspberry pi with your IP address. (mac can use the ssh command)
  2. Login to your pi, default is pi and raspberry
  3. Enter cd klipper
  4. Enter make clean
  5. Enter make menuconfig
  6. Select Micro-controller Architecture
  7. Select SAM3/SAM4 (Due and Duet)
  8. Select SAM4e8e (Duet Wifi/Eth) inside Processor Model
  9. Ensure that (USB) is selected inside Communication interface
  10. Press Esc then Y
  11. Enter make
  12. Enter sudo service klipper stop, enter your password
  13. Enter ls /dev/serial/by-id/*
  14. Copy the serial by just selecting it in the window
  15. Enter make flash FLASH_DEVICE= and paste your serial after the =
  16. Note their is a chance that flash may fail and usually this will place the board into a bootloader mode like original install does when you hit the erase pins. If this occurs please rerun ls /dev/serial/by-id/* so that you can get the correct serial and use this one repeating step 10
  17. Enter make clean
  18. Enter make menuconfig
  19. Select linux process inside Micro-controller Architecture press Esc then Y
  20. Enter make
  21. Enter make flash, enter your password
  22. Restart the klipper service in the mainsail interface
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upload folder moved

EDIT. Hoe to find your folder 

  You guys own the folder but it doesn’t show in your shared with me since it’s yours so you need either search your name or owned by me on the search bar.  So what you do “Sean greenes idea” is you search your name on Google drive and then right click and set it to starred so now it will show on left next to all the shortcuts. You could always make a shortcut somewhere on the computer to but this is the easiest solution.

I moved the folders to a parent directory so no one else can see your folder anymore. When you join you send me message with your email you use for gdrive or gmail and i will add you to the gdrive and also make you an editor of the public uploads. Then you make a folder so you are the owner and it just uses my storage and gives me access then i will move it to the parent directory so it becomes private.

Also this is the folder for all orders

so you make a file with your order no personal info just your order and i can let you knwo progress in the text file and then when its done we delete it. This way your address and stuff go in the private folder but the orders are all right in one place for me so i dont miss any by accident. This will be until the webstore is working