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A3DP Ultimate Orbiter

I wanted to take a few minutes to upload what Rob and I are calling the “Ultimate” Orbiter. Just so everyone knows, this design I did completely from the ground up making dozens of minute modifications for easier FDM-ability thus it is completely our own intellectual property.

The special sauce that gives our design a huge advantage over the original Orbiter designed by Lorincz are as follows:

  • The clearances, have been dramatically improved
  • Perfect BMG alignment, including along the spider gear shaft, the latch detent clearances in X & Y directions
  • 100% contrainted filament path from entry to nozzle
  • Can be professionally SLS or MJF printed (We know, we’ve done it =))
  • Much easier to FDM print! (HINT HINT: We suggest 20-30 degrees of tilt, front bearing facing toward the bed plate)
  • Can be directly mounted to a stock Troodon or one with the A3DP Gantry upgrade parts

There are two versions of the housing:

1.) 14x14mm Bearings, this will match up for those that bought the “Formbot Troodon DDE Upgrade” kit from Jake/Tom/Peter on Cults3D.

2.) 14x16mm Bearings, this matches the “OEM” Formbot/Vivedino DDE kit that can be purchased or came installed on your Troodon.

14x14mm Orbiter Exploded View
14x14mm Bearing Version Shown

Rob & Jake both have hundreds of hours testing this new orbiter and we are ready for you to give it a shot for yourself

If you have any question, please drop us a line in the comments!

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Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

As many of you know their is not to many choices for Tungsten Carbide nozzles , especially in Volcano size . So A3dp now is carrying our own line of nozzles along side the standard Takoto brass nozzles . I also am thinking of getting standard size Tungsten Carbide nozzles made to but am not sure if the market needs it since those tend to be easier to source. Anyway I used one of them in my recent 1023mms live stream and also at 600mms for the fox benchy . I will be doing a comparison between a few different nozzles and want to get some real data on the actual limits since it seems you can flow a lot more on a .4 than people think.

Purchase link below